Although Meccanica Franchin started out as a jobbing firm, it has also created several of its own products, which it sells in Italy and abroad. The firm was established in 1975 with a small jobbing shop measuring 40 square metres set up in the garage at home, its main activity being the pressing of small metal parts for footwear. It took just a few years to start making dies both for the footwear and other sectors. In 1988 the firm moved to an industrial unit of 600 square metres equipped with new machines, whereby the production capacity was considerably increased so that the manufacturing of items passed from just a few dozens to a few hundreds. 1992 saw the introduction of CAD-CAM technology, which improved the die engineering/design aspect and speeded up the relative production. Another important turning point came in 1996 when CNC lathes were purchased, which enabled the firm to enter new markets. In September 2003 the industrial unit was enlarged to 1200 m2 and split up into three separate production departments: workshop, pressing and turning with respective stores. From the very beginning Meccanica Franchin has always strived from a technological viewpoint to adapt and renew every year so as to meet the new challenges presented by its customers.



We have CNC milling, wire EDM and dip, etc. adjustments. suitable for both the creation of molds, that of precision mechanical parts.
We provide you with lathes to 7 axes with a bar capacity of 32 mm fixed headstock lathes with bar passage 75 mm 5-axis and 12 motorized turrets to perform milling, drilling and off-axis also inclined. How diameters cameras we can get up to 450 mm.

Industry Sectors

Meccanica Franchin in over thirty years of activity has always set itself the objective to open up to as many sectors as possible in order to be able to handle the unique needs of diverse customers. This has brought considerable know-how, which has proved crucial to improve the technical support offered. Indeed it was possible to transfer across many productive experiences for products from different sectors.

List areas:

  • Automotive, marine, aviation (accessories)
  • Engines for agriculture (eg. Engine components, etc.)
  • Footwear components (eg. Bases, levers for shoes, boots etc.)
  • Electric-Electronic (eg. Battery contacts, reed valves, etc. .)
  • Forniture (eg. support for glass tables, brackets, supports, etc.)
  • Door and window (eg. brackets for doors, gates, etc.)
  • Urban furniture, building (eg. plates fixtures, etc.)
  • Hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic (eg. fittings, parts for valves, etc.)
  • Boiler (eg. brackets, supports, etc.)
  • Orthopedic (accessories)
  • Mechanical in general (machine components in small and medium series)