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At the beginning of the 1970, Mr. Gianni Franchin, after years of experience in a footwear company, haunted by an idea that tormented him day and night, went to talk to his owner, Mr. Vecchiato, to which he exposed his catchphrase. In a short time, that idea turned into a productive agreement. This agreement provided that Mr. Gianni produced on behalf of Mr. V., who would have supplied the press, the molds and the materials. Gianni, having put the tool shed in order, began producing for his now former owner.


It was 1972 when Mr. Gianni decided to establish, as an individual company, Meccanica Franchin based in the tool shed adjacent to the family home in Montebelluna (Tv). The production was mainly focused on the molding of the various types of hooks for footwear and for a single customer.


Over time the volumes increased more and more, so much so that in addition to Mr. Gianni also other members of the family, from his wife to his brother, to his sister-in-law and granddaughters, and from a tool shed he began to transform into a small workshop. Mr. Gianni and Mr. Alvise, the brother, given this positive trend, decided to join a company and in 1975 they founded Meccanica Franchin s.n.c ..


This year there was a corporate change with the departure of his brother Alvise and the inclusion of his wife Silvana (still majority shareholder)


Given the increase in work and the introduction of new customers, in 1988 there was the transfer of the operational headquarters from the small home laboratory to a 600sqm warehouse, also investing in new machinery (milling machines and presses).


Following numerous requests and the inclusion in the company of his son Stefano, it was decided to insert a new type of processing, the turning shop.


Given the volumes of the new turning sector, two new lathes were purchased between 2002 and 2003. The first is a lathe with motorized tools, the second a sliding head. Also this year there was the expansion of the shed from 600 to 1200 square meters and the addition of the younger son Claudio to the company.


Given the increase in turnover and customers with different needs, in 2016, the molding and turning activities were divided into two companies. Meccanica Franchin follows all mechanical processing, while Stampaggi Franchin follows all the part concerning sheet metal processing, from stamping to laser cutting and bending.


Following numerous requests and thinking that in the future it will be increasingly in demand, this year a laser marker was inserted in order to give the customer a product that can be identified or unique.


Today Meccanica Franchin has 8 lathes, 4 sliding headstocks and 4 CNC lathes up to 75mm bar passage.



Gianni Franchin

Gianni Franchin

Claudio Franchin

Claudio Franchin

Commercial administrative direction
Stefano Franchin

Stefano Franchin

Technical direction